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Book review: The Jennifer Project

Book cover for The Jennifer Project by Larry Enright

My reading list is downright crazy. There are over 220 books on my “Want to Read” list on Goodreads. I do my best to prioritize the list every year, but even then a book can sit on it. Such was the case with The Jennifer Project by Larry Enright.

I first came across the book in March, 2017. I’m almost positive it came through an Amazon recommendation or one of their daily deal emails. The description looked good with numerous references to artificial intelligence (AI), so it fit in with my favorite reading genre – science fiction.

I put the book on my 2018 reading list, but it was pretty far down the queue. I moved it up considerably in 2019, but still wasn’t able to get to it. It finally made it up to the top of this year’s list, and I finished it last month.

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Book review: Incognito

If I hadn’t gotten interested in engineering and computers when I was younger, neuroscience may have been one of my alternative career choices. How the brain works has always fascinated me. Even more intriguing is how and why we think about the things we do.

I’ve read a lot of books over the last couple of years that have a lot to do with training the mind. These include Psycho-Cybernetics, The Power of Positive Thinking, The Happiness Advantage, and others. While these books talk about harnessing the power of the mind, they don’t get into the details about how the mind works. Incognito, written by David Eagleman, takes this next step and explores the inner workings of the brain.

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