The Great Beard Experiment of 2012-2013

I’ve never had a beard or mustache, but I usually let my facial hair grow out a bit over the holidays. I usually start a week or so before Christmas and shave it off after New Year’s. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why, I guess it’s just a way of mixing things up a bit.

This year, I started a bit earlier during the second week of December and still have it. I’ve kept up with maintenance and trimming, but this is by far the longest I’ve let my facial hair grow.

I thought it would fun to post a pic before it comes off, which is happening this weekend. I’ve gotten over the itchies and all the other nonsense of having a beard, but it’s not for me. Plus, keeping up with the trimming and maintenance is nearly as much work as shaving everyday, so I don’t get the point of keeping it.

Fear the Beard!So what do you think, should it stay or should it go?

2 thoughts on “The Great Beard Experiment of 2012-2013

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