Book review: The Complete Guide to Fasting

Book cover for The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason FungOne of my primary reading genres is health and fitness. I have an interest in understanding how diet and exercise affect our physiology. I’ve learned a lot over the last few years that have led to adjustments in my personal eating habits and exercise routines. It’s helped me to control my appetite, maintain a healthy weight, and generally feel better all around.

One area that I’ve been particularly intrigued by is fasting. I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting for the past couple of years and have occasionally mixed in a full 24-hour fast. I even did a 48-hour fast a little over a year ago, which was a great learning experience.

I want to continue fasting and to incorporate longer periods of fasting into my routine. To help me understand more about it, how to prepare, and what to do during a fast, I decided to read The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day and Extended Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung.

Dr. Fung is a nephrologist, or a kidney specialist (yes, I had to look that up). He’s also become one of the leading experts on treating type 2 diabetes through intermittent fasting and low carb diets. In addition to treating patients with his diet and fasting guidelines, he’s also co-founded a program called The Fasting Method to help people learn more about the process and how to properly adopt the practice.

There are lots of books available on healthy eating. A quick tour of Netflix and Amazon Video will also reveal a plethora of documentaries. It gets overwhelming quickly and makes it hard to separate fact from fiction. It’s why I tend towards books that are written by practitioners who take their own advice and have clinical evidence from patients who have followed their dietary guidelines. The Complete Guide to Fasting meets those guidelines. It’s right up there with Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter and Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, both of which I enjoyed and learned a lot from. If you haven’t already read these books, I would highly recommend them.

The Complete Guide to Fasting is a Must Read. It explains how fasting affects the human body and how it works to address chronic conditions and obesity. It also has lots of practical advice, tips, and guidance on how to fast. The book was motivating for me. It encouraged me to continue my intermittent fasting and has inspired me to engage in periodically longer fasts. I’m hoping to do another 48-hour or longer fast in the near future.

On a side note, I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had read a book related to health and fitness. I also noticed that my reading list is lacking in this genre. I need to do some research and add at least one or two titles for next year’s reading list. If anyone has any good suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments – thanks!


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  3. Fraizer J-Caan

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