Book review: The Extinction Trials

Book cover for The Extinction Trials by A.G. Riddle.

When I think of great storytellers, Hugh Howey and Blake Crouch are two authors that would be at the top of my list. They have a way of writing a story that draws you in immediately, keeps your attention, and captivates your imagination.

Another one of my favorite authors who I would put right up there with them is A.G. Riddle. I’ve been a fan of his starting with the The Atlantis Gene, which is the first book in The Origin Mystery trilogy.

I usually make it a point to have an A.G. Riddle novel on my reading list every year or two. The Extinction Trials was the book I chose to put on this year’s reading list.

The Extinction Trials has an interesting premise. A group of 8 individuals awake in a bunker unsure of how and why they are there. They also don’t know how long they’ve been “asleep” there, but it’s obvious that the Earth as they knew it no longer exists. It has changed, and not necessarily for the better. Their lives are constantly under threat due to the conditions of the new environment. To complicate matters further, they are faced with a series of challenges they have to navigate and puzzles they have to solve to survive.

As with all Riddle books, he drops you right into the story. He wastes no time moving the story forward filling in any holes and developing the characters as the story unfolds. It’s the style of writing I like and prefer in my books.

In terms of Riddle’s books, I wouldn’t consider this his best. The Origin Mystery still sits at the top of that list, with Departure not far behind. However, I still found the book to be a Fun Read and would recommend it, particularly if you are a fan of his other work like I am.

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