Sass: An Introduction

For the November Ventura County WebMob Meetup group, I did an introductory presentation on Sass, a CSS preprocessor. The goal was to explain what Sass is along with¬†what it isn’t, do a brief demo to get people interested and show them how it works, and provide people with information and resources to get started.

Here are the slides that I covered during my presentation. They make more sense live because of the demo I did after slide 8, but there are links to resources in the slides that are very useful if you are just starting out.

If you’re interested in front-end web development, or are a front-end developer who is not using a preprocessor. I would strongly suggest that you learn Sass. It will make you a lot more productive in your work, and it’s a skill that will make you more attractive and marketable to prospective employers.

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