2018 fitness goals

Just like years past, I had three primary fitness goals for 2017 around working out, activity, and diet. 2017 didn’t go quite as I would have liked due to a number of planned and unplanned circumstances. There was travel for work, an extended vacation, and the gym I frequent closed 3 weeks for remodeling. The loss of my furry companion in November didn’t help either.

I’m not suggesting or saying that 2017 was a disaster, it just wasn’t as good as 2016. For 2018, I’m going to make a few minor adjustments, set a couple of stretch goals, and make it happen!

Let’s take a look at 2017, and then set the goals for this year.

2017 Results

Working Out

My goal for the year was to work out at least 182 times, with a stretch goal of 200. I made it 191 days, which included 3 days of spinning while on our Alaska vacation. I might have crested 200 days if the gym I go to hadn’t of closed from October 28 – November 17. That was 15 days of lost opportunity.

While I didn’t have goals for each type of activity, I still like keeping track of them. Here’s the breakout of my 191 workouts:

Spinning (cycling) 43 days
Cardio (stairs) 38 days
 All body routine 32 days
Weights 78 days

The breakdown was surprisingly close to my 2016 numbers, although the totals were 5 less. I kept the same routine where I spin once a week, hit the stairs for cardio once a week, do an all body routine on Fridays, and work the weights Monday and Wednesday. I expect to keep the same routine for 2018.


Walking didn’t go particularly well this past year. My goal was to accumulate 700 miles. In years past, I’ve achieved this goal with my trusted, furry friend at my side. Due to Blake’s health issues, we didn’t get out on nearly as many walks. When he passed away at the end of November, it really put a dent in December’s walking goals.

For the year, the total ended up being 441 miles (I’m rounding up and giving myself the extra tenth of a mile). There will need to be a few adjustments to my goals for 2018 being I only hit 60% of my goal for 2017.

2017 walking results for G. Borodaty


For the most part, diet went really well in 2017. I kept with my limited wheat and grains diet and had virtually no bread throughout the year. My only indulgences were the occasional pasta dinner and pizza feast. I also limited my refined sugar intake as well. I’ve become a student of food labels and do my best to avoid processed foods, particularly those with added sugar. It’s easier said than done, but it is achievable if you’re disciplined about examining food labels. My only weakness, my kryptonite if you will, is chocolate. I eat a consistent amount of dark chocolate, and I intend to continue doing so. I can’t take all the fun out of life.

For the year, I maintained a steady weight of 160 +/- a couple of pounds. I avoid setting weight goals. It’s not because I’m afraid of my weight. On the contrary, I believe weight is an outcome of exercise and eating right. If you’re doing both of those, the weight will take care of itself. At least that’s been my experience. If I notice my weight moving too far in either direction away from the 160 pound range, then I know I need to watch what I’m doing.

The only item I didn’t do in 2017 was a 48-hour fast. I really want to try it at least once in 2018 to give my body a chance to “reset” itself. I’m going to make this a priority goal for 2018 to see how my body responds.


I didn’t have any goals for overall activity in 2017. Setting an overall activity goal hinges on getting a road bike. Until that happens, I’m not stressing over my overall mileage numbers.

2018 goals

Working Out

I’m going to stick with the same goal I had for 2017 – working out 70% of the available weekdays throughout the year.  That’s a goal of 183 days, with a stretch goal of 200. It’s going to be a challenge to hit the stretch goal given planned travel during the first half of the year. I’m also going to continue recording the activities even though I’m not setting specific goals for each.


I’m dialing back my walking goal to 500 miles this year. I’m breaking it into four 3-month segments of 125 miles to keep me on track.


I’m not making any diet changes in 2018. I plan to continue watching my carbohydrate intake, avoiding bread, and keeping refined sugar intake to a minimum. The one thing that is on my list for 2018 is a 48-hour fast. I want to do at least one. If the 48-hour fast(s) go well, I may look at doing a longer one in 2019. I expect my weight to stay constant around 160 pounds, but I’m not setting a weight goal. If all goes according to plan, the weight number should take care of itself.


Again, no overall activity goals are being set for 2018. Should I purchase a road bike at some point during the year, I’ll revisit it.

In general, I’m happy with my overall fitness. It’s not something I have to think about. It’s become a habit and a part of my lifestyle. From what I’ve found, it’s the best way to achieve your fitness goals. They need to be part of an overall mentality shift in how you choose to live. Once you embrace the change, then maintaining the positive habits aren’t something you need to think about. They just happen.


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