Everything in moderation

Doing everything in moderation is one of the keys to living a balanced, content life. And by everything, I mean literally everything.

When we overindulge in eating, drinking, exercise, work, recreational activities, relationships, you name it, we throw things out of balance. We create excesses in our lives that build and that eventually must be dealt with.

When caught early on, the consequences of excess are usually minor, can be reconciled, and brought back into balance. When excesses go unchecked, they can lead to problems with health, relationships, and other facets of our life.

The key is setting boundaries and having the awareness to recognize when those boundaries have been violated. It doesn’t require that we deny ourselves the occasional excess or punish ourselves when we cross the line. The key is to avoid stacking bad decisions on top of one another. As I often remind myself after making a bad choice, we’re always only one decision away from getting back on the right path, which is the next one.

Life is meant to be lived. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional transgression, cheating on our diet, having a cocktail, or a late night out with friends. Provided every activity is done in moderation, there should be nothing to worry about, generally speaking. So set your boundaries, be aware, enjoy life, and keep moderation top of mind.

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