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My 2023 reading list

Welcome to the 10th edition of my annual reading list.

The list is a curated selection of titles from my want-to-read list, which has 231 books on it according to Goodreads. Since I read about 30 books a year (which is how many I read last year and how many I plan to read this year), narrowing the list can be a challenge. It’s especially challenging since I add about as many books to my list as I read. I added 37 books last year, so the list grew by a few titles from 2022.

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My 2020 reading list

Each year around this time, I dust off my master reading list, review, organize, and prioritize it for the coming year. There are currently 230 books on my master list, so it took a little effort this year to rearrange it into the subset of books you’ll find here.

I usually read around 25-30 books a year. According to GoodReads, which I use to manage my reading lists, I read 32 books in 2019. However, to be fair, 4 of these were short stories, and 1 was my daily devotional. Still yet, 27 books read is a good year for me.

I added 34 books books to my master reading list in 2019, which is an improvement since I usually add a lot more. I tried to be more disciplined about adding books than in the past. There have been years where I’ve added over 50 books. So the master list only grew by a couple this year, rather than the usual 15-20.

For the coming year, I used the same process as I have in years past to prioritize my annual list and narrow it down to the 50 or so candidates you see below, with one slight adjustment. I know this is far more than the 25-30 books I typically read in a year, but I like to have a buffer just in case my reading pace is faster than usual.

Let’s start with the selection parameters for the list.

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My 2018 reading list

I have a problem with my reading list – a big problem.

I organized my reading list over this past week for 2018. I was happy to learn that I read 28 books last year. Unfortunately, it didn’t even make a dent in my master wish list of books since I added 48 new books to my list during 2017. My wish list of books to read is sitting at over 200. Last year, I had 7 years of books on my list. This year it’s grown to 8.

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My 2017 reading list

I just finished organizing my book wish list. It’s grown to nearly 180 books. if you look at my reading pace, around 25 books a year over the last three years, I have seven years worth of books in my queue. Given the pace at which I add books to my list, there are books I will never get to. Therefore, I have to have a system for creating and prioritizing my annual reading list.

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My 2016 reading list

In 2015, I came up a little short of my goal to read 36 books, 33 of which were supposed to come off of my 2015 reading list. I managed to get through 25, which was down from my 2014 number of 27 books read.

For this year, I’ve decided to set a slightly less aggressive goal of reading 30 books. It’s still above my high mark of 27 books in one year, but I figured I should set the bar high and see if I can get there.

I’ve put together a list of 25 books that I’d like to complete this year. I didn’t chose all 30, as I’m sure that a few will jump the queue as the year progresses. For example, 8 books jumped the queue in 2015, and 8 also jumped the queue in 2014.

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My 2015 reading list and goals

I had a goal last year to read 25 books, 20 of which were supposed to come off my 2014 reading list. As far as number of books went, I succeeded and read 27. Unfortunately, I only got through 19 on my list. I was halfway through book number 20 when the ball dropped.

Still, it was a good year for reading. I’ve enjoyed it so much the last two years, that I decided to up the level of difficulty this year. I’m going to make an effort to read 35 books, which equates to about 3 per month. I’ve also upped my reading list from 20 to 33 books.

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My 2014 reading goals and list

As I mentioned in my “Books to Read in 2014” post, I did a lot of recreational reading during 2013. I’m planning to continue my reading binge in 2014. My goal is to finish at least 2 books per month and hit 25 (or more) for the year. I’d like to mix in a few more non-fiction, business books, too.

Since my Amazon wish list is currently over 60 items, I’m not going to have a hard time finding content. Here’s a look at the top 20 books I’m planning to read in the upcoming year.

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