Book review: Abandon

Book cover for Abandon by Blake Crouch

One of my favorite authors is Blake Crouch. Ever since reading the Wayward Pines trilogy, I’ve made an effort to keep at least one or two Crouch novels in my reading list at all times. So far, I haven’t met a Crouch novel that I didn’t like.

Abandon was the latest book of his that I read. It’s written in classic Crouch style. He doesn’t waste anytime drawing you into the story. He builds the characters on the fly. There’s also a lot of time shifting, which is another characteristic of his writing. There’s also a lot that’s different, which I liked.

The other Crouch books I’ve read are heavily based on science fiction and technology. It’s one of the reasons that I started reading his books. Abandon is different. It doesn’t contain much around either of those themes. It’s a straight-forward story about one man’s desire to reconnect with his daughter, greed, and, ultimately, survival.

Is Abandon my favorite Crouch novel? No, that honor would go to Dark Matter, although I’m really looking forward to Recursion. Everything I’ve heard points to it being a really solid book.

Anyhow, Abandon was a Fun Read for me, and it’s a must if you’re as much of a Blake Crouch fan as I am. I enjoyed it, and I would recommend it with one caveat. The book can be violent and graphic at times. It’s nothing that’s over the top, but it’s worth mentioning if it’s the kind of thing that turns you off. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a fun read over a long weekend or during vacation, Abandon is a good choice.

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