Here it grows again!

Gregg Borodaty - bearded

I don’t know what it is. This was supposed to be the year that I didn’t do it. I wasn’t going to give in yet again.

I suppose, as Abbey might say, that I just couldn’t help myself.

I believe this is the 10th year I’ve done it, although the streak could be longer. I only have documented proof going to back to 2012. Here are the self-portraits from the previous years if you want to take a trip down memory lane:

I also like the cool collages Google Photos stitches together auto-magically. Here’s what it assembled based on the shots Courtney took for me.

Gregg Borodaty - beard collage

This year’s experiment started with my last full shave on October 31st. It took about 6 weeks to get to full beard status, and then I’ve spent the last week doing some light maintenance. I’ll be taking it off over the next week, with the expectation it will be totally gone by the time Christmas arrives.

So will I do it again next year? Who knows. When I get to this point in time, the answer is always a solid “No.” But then Mo’vember rolls around, and the experiment starts all over again.

Finally, I have to give a little hat tip to Ok Go for the post title. I couldn’t close out this post without linking to their most epic music video for said song.

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