Last, certainly not least

Gregg and Abigail Borodaty

I spent this past weekend recovering from our last college drop-off. You would think the experience of having done this a few times before would make it easier, but it doesn’t. There’s a certain emptiness when you return home after finishing the drop-off. Sure, there’s the missing physical presence around the house, but it’s a lot more than that.

Before getting too philosophical about the whole process, the mechanics went very smooth. In fact, it was much smoother than I expected. Abbey did a good job packing up her stuff efficiently. And while the car was pretty full, it wasn’t quite as packed as when Courtney headed off to school. I suppose there was some benefits to having done this before.

San Diego State had the move-in process dialed in. The check-in process was quick and painless. They had movers stationed at the dorm who unloaded the car and efficiently transferred the contents to Abbey’s dorm room. About the only downside was not being allowed to use the elevators. Walking up and down eleven flights of stairs gets old pretty quickly.

Abbey and a packed car

Here’s hoping that Abbey’s whole freshman year goes just as well as the move-in. I know it will be busy. There will be adjustments and challenges living on her own. There will be good times to be had as well. It’s all part of the journey, and at the end of day, it is that journey that will be her reward.

So while I know we’ll still get to see Abbey plenty around the holidays and some long weekends, I also know it won’t be the same. It happened when I went away to college. Sure, I still considered it home when I came back, but it was different. I knew those brief periods at home were temporary and that I would soon have to learn how to ‘adult’ on my own. I’ve seen and experienced that same feeling when our older kids came home from college.

Either way, it will all work out. Somehow, it always does. Here’s wishing Abbey all the best during her freshman year and her entire college experience.

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